10 months from 1 February to 30 November.

The Gap Year will be divided into three sections / semesters.

  1. Feb to July is orientation, developing disciplines, preparation and practical ministry experiences, adventures, practical DIY skill, preparing for overland and mission.
  2. Aug to Oct is overlanding and missions in Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana each with a two week on the ground mission and in between seeing and experiencing the beauty of our natural heritage.
  3. Nov is closing out the year, defining personal mission, preparing for re-entry, commissioning to be disciplers for Christ.

Team will be exposed to real business and will be encouraged to create a side hustle. Areas of interest will be explored with a network of people in business. I will also use my network of people to visit and spend time with the team to share and give relevant insight of their field of expertise.

The development of  physical, personal, spiritual, social, and cultural disciplines of each person. Each person is given the agency and responsibility to drive their own journey given full accountability. Each area of discipline is steeped in a biblical worldview and a growing knowledge of God.


A personal physical fitness benchmark is taken at the start. The goal is that each month that benchmark is improved upon.  Discipline of a minimum of 3 days a week. Each person is attempting to improve their goal and not competing with others. The competition is based on percentage improved upon.


Each person develops personal goals for the ten months. We will mentor and assist the person in achieving their goals. Based on these goals each person is given ten books to read over the period. The individual gives in book reports creating discussions and dialogue with mentor and team. Some is informal sessions and others formal with presentation. Interests are explored and opportunities given to explore interest in real life.


The team lives together in a home environment and is given full responsibility collectively to run the home, from being given a monthly amount from which they need to budget – rent, amenities, food, cleaning, entertainment, etc.
Learn to cook, do laundry, iron, maintain home and garden, make improvements, and DIY and live in harmony – Christian love in action. Each person is encouraged to journal their pilgrimage on social media in whatever format, creating a following who follow their journey with interest in their unfolding story which has embedded in it the gospel. (this is also a good marketing tool). They are learning to create a brand on social media.


Team is diverse. Learning to live together and serving each other in the Lord.
Serve the local community and participate in the local community.


Each person will complete the 8 module Explore Course through George Whitfield College in the 10 months. The team will also get an introduction to worldview and apologetics.

Team will be discipled individually but also as a ministry team.

Discipleship will be a rigorous process of input, self-learning, practice, exposure to ministry, dialogue, iron sharpening iron, spiritual disciplines, teaching, preaching, prayer and fasting, and others.

The general focus is to prepare each person to be equipped to go out and make disciples within their gifting and talents.