GoMaD Newsletter #9 | The Right Timing

The days of big leaps forward in development now grind slowly, as one focuses on the finishes while watching the budget. There is such a sense of accomplishment when the lights go on for the first time and taps flow with water. Its also quite mesmerizing to see energy flow from one’s solar panels. The house runs, by and large, on gas and solar energy. Now my work begins! Kitchen cupboards, skirtings, and built in cupboards.

The Lord knows how to encourage and at just the right time. As we finished the bedrooms down stairs and pondered the people who will be staying in these rooms, we could not help but think where we are going to get the beds and bedding from? All I can do is put the thoughts aside and just get the place ready, and face the problem when it is right in front of me. The body of Christ is a beautiful thing as the Lord moves people to partner with us in their own way unsolicited. 6 good beds and bedding have been provided. New, good stuff, fit for a B&B!! Now tell me that is not cause to break forth in worship?

The movers arrive on Monday 17, seven months to the date of our arrival in Cape Town. I think we will sleep in the house on the 19th, seven months to the date we arrived in Pringle Bay. We arrived to a vacant piece of land, with no services, no building, no nothing, and God has done this. I would like to say that Suann and I have wrought this in our own strength and ability, but that would stretch truth to beyond reality.

We are at the cusp of being in a position to invite people and groups to come and receive from the Lord. He will fulfill His purposes. We lay our bricks and mortar at His feet. May He glorify His name as we spend ourselves for Him.

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