GoMaD Newsletter #8 | Trusting the Almighty

When Suann and I arrived here certain fynbos flowers were in bloom. This is a harsh though beautiful climate. The nature of the fynbos is so that it survives in this climate. This harsh climate has produced such a wide range of species of plants and animals that co-exist here in a unique biosphere.

Each month it seems new little flowers bloom or proteas have their second showing. One cannot help but think of Matthew 6:25. We are called not to worry and to observe nature. I’m grateful that we have been afforded some time to look and see how the sovereign God of creation provides for the Cape Sugarbird, Malachite Sunbird, Rock Thrush, tortoises, baboons, guineafowls, mongoose, etc. etc.

I do not know how we have managed to do all that we are doing. We could not have scripted the complex steps and the many things that need to fall into place at just the right time. I am ashamed of my doubts and worries, my attempts to manhandle things by considering how to manipulate a situation to bring about a desired outcome. Fear is a terrible beast that must be overcome. It can only be overcome by looking clearly and daily into the face of Almighty God, Abba Father.

We continue to learn to trust in Him, our Emmanuel. Pray and struggle with us to continue to trust Him for the ministry developments, opportunities to be a witness to the Gospel of Jesus, to disciple young adults, especially young men, to heed the call to serve in the ministry of the Gospel.

May this place be a place where the Lord feeds and quenches the thirst of those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness.

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