GoMaD Newsletter #6 | Substance to Hope

37 Years

The year started with Suann and I celebrating 37 years of marriage. It gave me pause to think and marvel at the person that is my wife and the gift of God that she is to me. We are partners in ministry and service to the Lord. I can not imagine life without my girl.


Took this picture this morning. Made me think many thoughts, wonder, nature, physics, beauty, the promises of God. I needed a reminder of the fact that the Almighty God stands behind His promises.


The building has kicked off with a pace and this week will see the roof rafters on the garage and the first-floor slab on the house. Windows in the garage next week as well as the garage doors and roof sheets while they build up the walls of the first floor on the house.

New Hope

A new year comes with new hope despite all the reality we lived in 2022 and we know much continues. But the human spirit claws its way up and dares to hope. I can’t imagine a life without my Lord and Saviour. It is He that gives substance to that hope otherwise it is just positive thinking, a sky hook that fails to hold. Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness …..

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