GoMaD Newsletter #5 | All In

1 December, on her birthday, Suann lays a brick in the foundations.

Foundation bricks to floor slab hight.

Fill, compact and level.

Concrete floor cast with services.

Bricks up to the window cavities and a storm hits that delays building.

Walls up to first floor slab level, 15 December.

This has been a crazy year, from deciding to push the button on stepping out in faith, to selling our house where we stayed for 26 years, to purchasing a dream property in Pringle Bay, to navigating the whole building process and getting to what you see above is quite something.

In our Fakebook world one always posts the success, the good, and beautiful. What you see is the tip of the iceberg of struggle, insecurity in the decision we made, uncertainty of the future, and the ever question of is God good.

At the risk of being melodramatic we left with a clear vision and objective and reality quickly blurs the edges and undermines the confidence, in oneself and God. There is the rub. So, one is back to the fundamentals of faith and belief in God. Great place to be and again unnerving.

I’m glad for this Christmas season and break that allows one to think and reaffirm the Truth that God indeed became a man to so identify with man that he could authentically save man from himself, his sin, and his sinfulness. The Father went all in. I can do no other. What He does with that is in His hands and for His glory, whatever that looks like. I know I will revisit this last statement.

Can’t thank you enough for your partnership. Merry Christmas friends and indeed brothers and sisters in Christ.

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