GoMaD Newsletter #3 | The Dream

I left home in December of 1981, joined the navy and spent basically 4 years at the ocean in Walvis Bay and Cape Town. Suann and I married in January 1986, and I started at Bible College in Cape Town. Then we went to Swakopmund as missionaries with Youth for Christ. All those years loving and enjoying the sea and environments. Then we moved to Johannesburg from 1995 to 2022. Suann and I have always dreamed of being at the coast again but could never conceive on how that would be possible as it would have to relate to work / ministry. A key factor was Suann’s aging mother as we did not feel we could make a move and leave her behind. Suann’s mom passed away September 2021. We came up for breath that December and allowed ourselves to dream again.

Late April we put the house on the market, got an offer in two weeks that we accepted, and we moved out end of July and the funds dropped into our account the day we moved out. The new property was registered in our name end August.

We are putting all our funds from the house and all my Provident Fund money in to build a place from which we can run this gap year program.

We could not have scripted this or planned this. God has prepared the way for more than 20 years and blessing us with a dream and a purpose. I believe that al I have is the Lord’s. I believe in living with open hands and spending it all for the Gospel. We will leave this earth with empty pockets and worn-out hands. No better way to live. May God be glorified.

Suann and I have been looking at properties in Pringle Bay for the gap year dream since 2019 and were shocked at the increase in prices through to 2022. We came to Cape Town for a wedding end June and determined while we were here to see if we could purchase a property. We spent a week in wet and windy conditions looking at properties in Betty’s Bay and Pringle Bay. We saw this property on a wet rainy day and it was the best of all we saw but above our price. We put in a cheeky offer and with some negotiations our offer was accepted and, in a week, it was a done deal as the proceeds of our house sold in Johannesburg was the guarantee on this purchase.

We saw the property again after the deal was done only to notice it has a sea view. Father spoiling His children.

This is the first sunset in Pringle Bay. We arrived here 19 September 2022 and the Lord provided us with a holiday cottage to rent at a nominal rate in the same street as our property.

Now the hard work begins, and yesterday’s faith does not hold for today. Every day with Jesus.

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