GoMaD Newsletter #20 | Life Together

I’ve been encouraged to see the chaps digging into the word of God and applying themselves more and more. I can see by their engagement, questions, responses, and comments that they are impressed with themselves as to how much they are learning and growing, and we are only two months in. Days are dynamic in that routines are not set in stone and so we make use of every opportunity with the weather.

The second half of summer is brilliant here in the Overstrand. We’ve done a few hikes and especially enjoyed the morning hike from the Koggelberg to Harold Porter Botanical Gardens. What a wonder to walk in a pristine biosphere with the array of flowers, rock formations, and vistas.

Took the lads snorkeling. Was like having two kids in the house again. We laughed a lot. Learning to cook, make ice-cream, pizza dough and to make a meal for all of us.

This has been a good month. The chaps are part of the family doing life together; chores, DIY, gardening, dinners on the beach, discussions, dinner watching F1, making friends, and grabbing every opportunity to be in the waves. The more I think of what it is we are doing the more I feel the huge responsibility it is to say ‘follow me as I follow Christ’. Please pray that we may live a life clearly pointing to Jesus.

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