GoMaD Newsletter #19 | Baby Steps

If you’ve been reading these letters, you will have followed the ups and downs, days of joy and praise, days of deep questioning and reflection, huge disappointments and setbacks, and now to see things finally land. One month in with two young men as we take our first baby steps in pioneering the dream and purpose of many years. As I stop and consider, I am brought to my knees in wonder and worship of Him who is our Lord and Saviour. He has made our path straight.

Its useful having gents in the home. Its like having sons again. Sunrise hikes, Park Run, walks to the beach, learning to body surf and boogie board, and outings to Hermanus and Onrus to see the elephant seal on the beach. It’s wonderful to work hard, and close out the day on the beach with a swim, walk, and on occasion dinner.

The young men have taken well to digging into scripture and marveling at the depth and profundity of God’s word. Lots of discussions and learning. Doing life together as we seek to be living sacrifices as our act of worship makes the learning very practical.

I have suddenly realized what we have committed to doing, saying to the two young men, follow us as we follow Christ. Sobering. Impossible really. Please pray for us as we follow Jesus.

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