GoMaD Newsletter #18 | Unlearn and Grow

4 days of fire as the fire swept through the mountains around us and behind us. We were called to evacuate three times. Spent two days cutting a fire break with eyes burning from being immersed in smoke. Day three and four it threatened us right to our back door. Day three it came from the right and day four from the left. Fire fighters were amazing. Chopper bombers worked without ceasing for 4 days joined by a crop sprayer. Wind changes and fire fighters ensured no homes damaged. Mountain behind us is bare and stark with ash dust flying with every puff of wind. Very grateful to the Lord that He has taken us through this with many praying and supporting us. We slept one night at FCE, a mission organization we are forming bonds with.

We had 4 young lads set to join us for this year’s gap year program, but two had to pull out at the last minute. A reminder of the many disparities in this country and failure of our society through its government to create a space that allows people to progress. One lad must rewrite 3 matric subjects, and the other has to get a job to sustain the family as his aging father lost his job. Both boys suffering the consequences of their circumstances.

I picked up the other two young lads on Sunday morning and we got going last night and this morning. Two young men with the future before them, daring to desire that their lives may mean something and be of value to their Father in heaven. We have already had our first swim in the sea, and they’ve had their first experience of being decently dumped by the Pringle Bay waves. Much to learn and discover, unlearn and grow, and unlock that childhood ability to be in awe of life, nature, God, Bible, and love.

We covet your prayers as we set out on a journey of discovery and pioneer something that we trust will fulfill the hope of having a Godly influence in the lives of these young men.

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