GoMaD Newsletter #17 | A New Year

Our year started on the 3rd of Jan as four 18 year olds and a pastoral couple from LIV Lanseria visited us for 10 days. For the young men many firsts: see the Western Cape, see the ocean, learn to swim in a lagoon, swim in the ocean, boogie board, hike the mountains behind our house, hike a route in the Koggelberg, spend time talking, discussing, learning about what the bible has to say about what a man is. They heard the Gospel and had time to engage with what it is to be born again, and what it means.

We had many more discussion on what is required to succeed in education, life as a man, how to treat women, etc, etc. The gents also assisted me with building industrial strength shelves in the garage. First use of tools and power tools. It was such a great time engaging and getting to know these young men. Such potential, such hope.

Our start of the year was rather hard as we had to put on a game face with LIV guys, while getting ready for the start of the GoMaD gap year. I took the cruiser for an evaluation to get it prepared for the work it would need. We discovered that the vehicle was illegally registered: engine number does not match papers, there is no chassis number, and much would have to be redone and it would be throwing good money after bad. It was only good for scrap. Devastating. It was make or break. I reached out to a friend and he will assist in sponsoring a different vehicle to do the job. We look forward to what the Lord has planned.

We forge ahead despite the setbacks. Suann is very brave as she deals with her Parkinson’s and the fact that life will not be the same again, coming to terms with limitations, and looking forward with hope.

We are expecting 4 young men to arrive on the 4th of February and we get going on the 5th. We have half the funds for the 4 boys committed, so please pray with us for the rest to come in.

It probably was not smart, but I decided to take Suann to the Kgalagadi for a few nights just to get away from all the stress. We are back, head down, and much on our knees as we trust the Lord for His supply of our needs, which He knows and purposes.

It’s getting very real and we look forward to what the Lord has for us and the ministry before us. We have good friends, a good church family, a home, a marriage that has celebrated 38 years in Jan, a love for each other that holds us through the storm with our Captain at the helm. To Him be the glory.

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