GoMaD Newsletter #16 | Human

We made it home. A three day journey with a few, 3, mishaps along the way; diesel pump leak, windscreen landing on our laps 40km from Colesberg, and a minor overheating going up a pass. But we made it and so glad to be home. Its been a epic year with huge ups and down. Huge challenges and challenges that are ongoing. All I can say is that God is good. I prayed that the Lord would give me a sign of a cloud the size of a fist and I got an application for next year in October. I now have 4! The Lord always keeps one on ones knees, as I need to raise sponsorship and co-sponsorship. It is a big number and it is beyond me, so the Lord needs to provide and we rest in that. The family is here. Our first Christmas in our new home with the boys, their wives and the grandkids. Such a blessing. Suann is managing but is tired. So the year ends as we look forward to celebrating the historical fact that God, who put such value on what it means to be human, has made us in His image and likeness, that He became one of us to redeem us. That God would stoop to be conceived of a virgin by the Spirit, so identify with every aspect of what it means to be fully human so that He can stand in the gap and call us His brothers and sisters. What a wonder! What a miracle! What a mystery that He loved us so much! It really puts things into perspective. We have struggled with setbacks and obstacles that challenge our faith. Reality seems like giants and we like grass hoppers. But God …….. May this period with family and loved ones fill you with a vision of the Lion of Judah, the Lamb of God, the baby in a manger, high and lifted up, the Saviour born to redeem rebellious humans to Himself.


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