GoMaD Newsletter #15 | Trust

The last number of weeks have probably been the most difficult Suann and I have had to deal with in recent years. You will know that I commissioned a chap to custom build an old FJ45 Landcruiser into an 8-seater. It was a year overdue in October and I knew I had to get up to JHB to sort this out. We’ve been waiting to get clarity from doctors for Suann before we could leave. October was filled with doctors’ visits and scans. Last was with a Neurologist and he diagnosed Suann with Parkinson’s. With that news we flew to Johannesburg with a week’s clothing in a tog bag and crashed with Joel and Janique, (son and daughter in law). Quick visit and drive cruiser down.

Started at this point when I was under the impression it was basically ready to go.

To this and I became Mike the Mechanic from having been Bob the Builder. I worked 6 days a week for 6 weeks. Test drive and drove to Joel’s place. I thought we were nearly done, but no…

I have discovered that I have been too trusting and it is clear that this man is not to be trusted. With all the frustration in managing the relationship and getting things done that were said to have been done and not, was frustrating and challenging enough. We had to cancel our planned mission to Namibia which was a huge disappointment to all.

The biggest challenge though was, and is, processing Suann’s diagnosis and what it means for us and the days ahead. We’ve had to fly home twice with the help of friends who sponsored flights. Back at the moment for days of tests, scans, and Neuro appointment. Now you may understand the lack of communication. Please forgive us not communicating all this earlier, we were just trying to stay sane. I wish I could tell you that we have wonderful revelation on why we are having to deal with all this. We only have one hope and that is in Jesus, Creator and Master of the universe. He alone is worthy of our praise, so while it appears dark, He is the light we hold onto by faith, and do not despair.

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