GoMaD Newsletter #14 | Rekindling Hope

Suann and I arrived in Pringle Bay on the 19th of September 2022. We’ve celebrated my 60th and a year in Pringle Bay. The month of September has been one with highs and lows, birthday spoils and storms that lay the region waste, with storm surges and a deluge that cut us off from the world for 3 days. Highs to see what the Lord has done and His faithfulness, the reality that the future seems impossible.

We’ve started using the house for the purpose it was built, 3 young adults spent the night here to plan with me a mission in November to Namibia—17-26 November, two weeks later 8 young adults here on an Alpha weekend, and this week 4 young adults here from a local mission to learn about GoMaD and serve us with practical work. First time for me to have others serve us in this manner.

I’m not sure what the Lord is preparing us for as this year has been an emptying of all that we ‘know’. The last 20 years and specifically the last 15 we’ve been in a place with history and contribution. We’ve been part of leading and pioneering, growing and mentoring, with its reputation and legitimacy, integrity and reputation. Here all that counts for nought. No one knows who we are and don’t really care. It is very humbling, and one feels stripped bare before the Lord. The goals we have now really seem impossible. If the Lord does not do this, then we have another round of introspection and seeking His face. One questions everything, can one know the mind of God, has He spoken, did we hear correctly, are our expectations off, how do we survive, He is Father, we are His inheritance, He has all the resources, what does it mean to trust Him to provide, ….. He is sovereign. He is our rock. The days that young adults are here are such a blessing and lift ones eyes and rekindles hope.

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