GoMaD Newsletter #13 | New Home

On the 31st of July 2022 we moved out of our Randburg home. This photo was taken on 29 June 2022 as we celebrated the fact that the property was ours, a week from signing the offer to purchase.

We arrived in Pringle Bay on the 19th of September 2022 into a small cottage on the same street as the property and walking distance to the building site. We laid the first brick in the foundations on 1 December 2022, and moved into our new home 17 April 2023. No cupboards in the kitchen or bedrooms, but in!

Below is the pic taken today, the last day of July 2023. Built in cupboards are basically in and I just need to do the finnishes, doors and draws. I cannot tell you how it all happened and how it came together so seamlessly. It did not always feel like it, and we know without a doubt, that the Lord went before us in everything. When we look, we realize that due to our own ignorance we missed many things in process or planning, but that the Lord spared us from big mistakes, like land position that avoids flooding.

One expects a missionary to speak of God’s hand at every turn and to see everything in His providence, and it may seem overdone, but I bow my head and acknowledge that my God is great and is interested in one’s life, in the small everyday things of life and not just the big grand events. I want to shout it loudly that we serve the living God of the universe, who is so interested that He sent His Son, no less, to redeem me, and bless me, to serve Him.

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