GoMaD Newsletter #12 | Season of Growth

Sho, it has rained like the locals have not seen in many years. A great test. We scrambled to get gutters in and most importantly to establish a French drain down the back of the property to funnel all water down the side of the building to the road. It rains all day, and we are dry!

We’ve built retaining walls, pathways, terrace walls with natural stone, that we have had to collect by hand from a local small holding and building site. I can say that every rock on our property has come through my hands. Nothing like good old fashioned hard work. Much respect for the builders who are so skilled at this.

Progress seems so slow and insignificant against the  backdrop of what has come before. Important little things in and of themselves but when one stands back it seems like very little has happened. It’s like that when one looks at a garden during winter. Growth seems to stop. Things are in limbo, waiting for something to signal the season of growth. This is a very hard season, waiting on the Lord. Things seem quiet. No grand displays of His Hand. As I look to the days ahead I long to see the Lord provide, confirm our calling, bring forth the ministry. When I look forward, I cannot see how it will materialise. The growth belongs to the Lord alone. Lord, help me with my unbelief.

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