GoMaD Newsletter #11 | The Rain Came

And so the rain came! My oh my, the heavens opened and stayed open for 48 hours and as I write this we are still in the cloud and its still drizzling.

This is a picture of a road about 200m from us, Caesar Rd that T-junctions into Stream Rd. My son says it is not Stream Road but just Stream, in fact river.

The bottom picture is where the water ploughs its way to the beach. The beach is littered with debris from who knows where.

We plug away at getting the place ready, collecting rocks to build retaining walls, moving mounds of sand to create levels, building kitchen cupboards, sorting through boxes and finding the things we need, creating living spaces while boxes abound, and then everything stops as the heavens open and water rushes and exposes fault lines. Now you discover where the leaks are and where the river runs through your property as you see your driveway cut across by a donga.

Is that not life in His service? We make good progress and feel invincible, victorious even, and then a storm blows in and shows the fault lines, the leaks, the hollows where the water of cleansing must come to wash out the rubbish, the sin, the compromises, the pride.

I pray for the rain to stop that we may repair, plug the leaks, fix the dongas, secure the place against future flooding.

So it must be with our life in Christ. Thank you Lord for the storms.

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