GoMaD Newsletter #1 | Pringle Bay

First sunset in Pringle Bay.

We arrived Monday 19 September and moved into a two-bedroom holiday cottage on Caesar Road, the same road we are intending to build in. God in the detail.

We’ve moved in with half our stuff still in Johannesburg. It will come down as soon as the cruiser is finished being customized into an 8-seater. The bulk of our goods are in storage, and we will only get that when the house is done.

Waiting for plans to be finished, then submitted and once approved we start building. Hope to start building towards the end of October. Things are getting very tight and would value your prayers for the whole building process that I will project manage.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We are convinced that the Lord has called us to this task, and we are grateful for the many in the body of Christ that agree with the calling. We are so grateful for His provision and seeing His hand in the finer detail. On a separate occasion I will share some of those as an encouragement to you. One will suffice for now. I am very realistic when it comes to what we have embarked upon and how that does not make sense in any normal view of things. Suann and I are at once filled with courage and boldly step forward, and yet are often overwhelmed with trepidation of how” is this going to work” and how are we going to sustain ourselves. On Friday in my time with the Lord I was faced with these questions and my reading was on trusting and obeying. I again committed myself to that before the Lord. That day many things came to undermine my confidence and I felt a squeezing of the heart in being out of control in securing our future. The next day I again sat before the Lord and submitted myself to His sovereignty. That same day I got a call from very old friends that we have lost touch with. They had seen our message on Facebook and have decided to commit their tithe to us for the next 12 months.

One can only worship a God who loves like this.

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