A gap year that forms, develops, nurtures, challenges young men to follow Christ and be His disciples in the real world, with a heart for the gospel, being salt and light in the marketplace. To be lifelong disciplers.


In ten months to disciple / parent the young men to understand their own generation in order to reach their own generation for Christ. Utilising an experiential learning and dialogue philosophy to develop a theology of God, Sin and Salvation, the Scriptures, and the work of the Holy Spirit. Each candidate, within their gifting and interest set will be personally mentored

Ministry development

The team will prepare devotions, teachings on scriptures, and sermons. They will have the opportunity to deliver those to discipleship groups, local churches, local schools, outreaches and on missions. The local environment will also lend itself to beach missions during holiday periods.

The team will be exposed to an ongoing outreach program run in a local community pre-school.


The venue of the gap year will be at a coastal village of Pringle Bay that gives access to many of the adventure and destination ideals. The team will stay together in a house and be fully responsible for all that that entails.

Twice in the week and once on the weekend the team will have a meal with mentors. One meal will be informal (any discussion / chat), one meal will have one discussion topic set by mentor, one meal will have one discussion topic set by team.